How to easily create bootable USB or DVD

How to easily create bootable USB or DVD

Create bootable USB or DVD has never been easier these days. There is a tool from microsoft design just to do that with minimum user knowledge.

It’s called Windows 7 USB DVD Download ToolĀ and you can download it from here.

Once you download and install it there are only few steps ahead to create a bootable CD or a bootable USB flash drive.

create bootable usb

After your installation is done. Open the tool.


Choose the desired ISO image.


Choose the media you want to make bootable.


Let’s say you choose USB. The only thing left is to click Begin copying šŸ™‚ and that’s it. It will copy over the image to your USB or DVD and make it bootable. Give it some time and if it stays on 95% for some time and you think something is wrong, just give it another 4-5 minutes and it will complete successfully šŸ™‚ Be patient.



if you want to create your own without this tool only using CMD and Diskpart – here is what you need to do


type diskpart

you now enter the Diskpart utility. What you type next is:

list disk (see which number is your flash drive. Let’s say it is Disk 3)

select disk 3

clean (deletes data from USB)

create part pri ( if it gives you error just skip this part )

select part 1

format fs=ntfs quick (formats it in NTFS)

active (this is the important part)


Now mount your iso file and copy all the content to the flash drive. If you have a DVD do the same.

Your USB is bootable and ready !