Install Exchange 2016 on Windows Server 2016

Install Exchange 2016 on Windows Server 2016

Install Exchange 2016 – Hi everyone. I am back and I am installing Exchange 2016 on Windows Server 2016 (currently TP3) from scratch on a virtual machine.

So before the install:

VMWare Workstation 10

256GB SSD (let’s see how fast the install will be)

2016 TP3 iso downloaded from Microsoft. Click Windows Server 2016 Download.

40GB of free space

Exchange 2016 Enterprise. Click Exchange 2016 Download.

Step by step what happens in the video below:

  1. I create a Virtual Machine using VMWare Workstation. Preferably with the most resources like CPU and RAM that you can spare. Attach the downloaded Windows Server iso file to the DVD/CD.
  2. Start the VM and boot from CD which has the Windows Server 2016 iso attached.
  3. We choose Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview (Server with Desktop Experience)
  4. We configure a static IP and change the name of the server and reboot
  5. Once the server is back from reboot we install Active Directory Domain Services from Server Manager. Add Roles and Features
  6. Follow along the auto-selected Features as well
  7. After the installation has finished go to Server Manager and click on the flag and choose to Promote this server to domain controller
  8. On the wizard step 1, choose 3rd option. Add a new forest
  9. Type the domain name below. Root domain name:_______
  10. Select Forest and Domain Functional level – Windows Server 2016/Technical Preview
  11. Check the Domain Name System (DNS) Server
  12. Type in a Directory Services Restore Mode password
  13. Ignore the Warning for DNS delegation and go Next
  14. Type in a NetBIOS name. Example. If, you can choose just contoso. Use the default one at best
  15. Recommended that you don’t change the AD paths in the next section
  16. If no errors and just warnings proceed with Install
  17. After the reboot log back in and copy over the Exchange installation files to your server
  18. Start the setup
  19. Go through the initial setup screen with Next, then choose Recommended settings (not that important choice, whatever you like) and go to Next.
  20. Choose Mailbox role and check “Automatically install Windows Server roles and features…” and click Next
  21. Recommended that you leave the default path of “C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\V15”
  22. Type in an Exchange Organization Name. Can be whatever you like. Do not check “Apply Active Directory split permissions”
  23. If you want malware protection leave at “No” and click Next.
  24. The prerequisites check starts. Once it finishes you should only have one Error for missing the Microsoft Unified Communications Managed API 4.0 64-bit. The rest should be warnings. Download the API from here.
  25. If you have problems downloading due to error in Internet Explorer “Your current security settings do not allow this file to be downloaded” go to your Internet Options in your Internet Explorer. Go to tab Security. Click on Custom Level and browse to Downloads and change from Disable to Enable.
  26. Download and Install the API. Retry the Readiness Check.
  27. It should be only warnings and the Retry button to be replaced by Install button. Click and sit back for an hour.
  28. Your Exchange should be installed now. Here are some tips
  29. Your Outlook Web App or Outlook on the Web, as it’s called in 2016 is on the same URL as before – https://localhost/owa and your Exchange Administration Center is on – https://localhost/ecp.
  30. For your email flow to be full you need to create a Send Connector. In your Admin Center, go to Mail Flow and then Send Connectors. Click + to create a new one.
  31. Put a name for it. For type – Choose Internet
  32. Leave it on MX record associated
  33. Address space – click + and only add * to the “Full Qualified Domain Name” field. This means that through this send connector your will be able to send to all the domains in the world 😉 Leave the cost at 1.
  34. On the next menu click + and add your own server
  35. There we go you should be having a start-up working Exchange Server 2016 from scratch !!!

And this is the video !

Install Exchange 2016 on Windows Server 2016

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