NATO phonetic alphabet

NATO phonetic alphabet

NATO phonetic alphabet has been used not only by the military and government organizations but from the IT servicehesks, helpdesks and call centers. It helps understanding what the other person really means when he says “N” or “M” for example or “P” or “B”.

Letter      Code Word

A        Alpha

B        Bravo

C        Charlie

D        Delta

E        Echo

F        Foxtrot

G       Golf

H       Hotel

I        India

J       Juliet

K       Kilo

L       Lima

M      Mike ( or Mother )

N      November

O      Oscar

P      Papa

Q      Quebec

R      Romeo

S      Sierra

T      Tango

U     Uniform

V      Victor

W     Whiskey

X      X-Ray

Y      Yankee

Z      Zulu

Here is the old Radiotelephony phonetic alphabet which is unchanged.

Nato Phonetic Alphabet

Here is the Wikipedia link:

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