My Samsung Galaxy S experience

My Samsung Galaxy S experience

I am a Samsung user (not fan anymore) for several years now. Like any normal and not fanatical human being, I change my phones every two years. Which means that I am skipping one model in between. I started with a S1, then S3, followed by S5 and now S7.

The Galaxy S1 Era

Samsung Galaxy S experience

It all started with my Samsung Galaxy S (1). It was one of my first “real” smartphones and at first I was excited but in a month time the slowness and bugs came. I know that every Samsung user has experienced the blackouts, the slowness that eventually comes and all the “hard” resets by removing the battery and putting it back on. Well Galaxy S1 was all about that. Really not a pleasant experience. The most annoying of all – the phone is ringing but i cannot wake it up. The screen remained black and I had to remove the battery and start the phone again, often losing the trail of who actually called me. I rate my experience with the S1 – awful.

The Galaxy S3 Era

Samsung Galaxy S experience

So almost 2 years and i finally threw my S1 away. Actually no one wanted to pick it up and use it so I still don’t know what happened to it. It was time for the supreme Samsung Galaxy S 3. At that time it was a huge upgrade to the S1 and there was happiness there.. I admit it. Unfortunately, only after 1/2 year of usage it became so slow that i had to factory reset. It worked for a bit but then the slowness came back. With all the glitches and the bugs. I’ve had to remove the battery off and on on the S3 as well. Shame. At some point people stopped hearing me well when on call. I think the microphone went bad. Actually I want to get back to the design again. It was as poor as S1, even worse. The back case was so terrible that my Samsung letters on the back all fell off without any excessive falling or hitting. This is when the whole world realized that you can’t run against the iPhone while your own phone looks as plastic dump. I hold no good feelings from my time with the S3 and I rate my experience with it Awful to medium.

The Galaxy S5 Era

Samsung Galaxy S experience

Again 2 year span and not losing faith in Samsung and my next phone was Samsung Galaxy S5. It was in April 2014 so it was the “modern” times. Insane upgrade over the S3. It had a wonderful camera, finally a better design and 2GB of RAM and a quad-core processor. Not to mention the new features like the IP67 Water/Dust resistance and the Ultra Power Saving Mode. I threw my money at Samsung and plunged into these magnificent waters. I was bragging to my friends who are all Apple users, how good my phone is, how water resistant it is, how I can make it stay alive with the Ultra Power Saving mode when theirs just died and couldn’t even make a call. For the time being, I was also the king of camera shots. Wonderful, high resolution shots and 4k video. I even did a couple of underwater shots which were a hit and also forgot my phone inside my trousers before throwing them into the washing machine. The phone was untouched after 40 minutes of water and Ariel. It was a good journey. The 4.4.2 KitKat Android finally ran smoother, less bugs and a lot faster. I still think that if it wasn’t for the disastrous 5.0 update, this phone would have remained a wonderful device. But yes, it all ended when they pushed the 5.0 Lollipop update. The phone just froze solid after. It started running like my old S3. Glitches, bugs, unresponsiveness. They eventually pushed for a performance update which was about to address all this but it didn’t happen, at least not for my phone. It never got back to the previous speed even after a factory reset. So it was becoming worse and worse as an experience. The flap that was protecting my microUSB port got snapped and i couldn’t effectively glue it back together. On top of that for almost 2 years of usage I could never get used to inserting my USB charging cable into the phone when it’s dark in the room. Sometimes it was taking me minutes to pull it off, making me going to bed angry and upset about my phone. Who needs 2 ports beneath? The battery also amazed me. The S5 was marketed as the biggest battery to that day. Biggest? So what? I still had to charge every night. Not to mention that if i heavily used it, it could last short of 6 hours. The storage was not enough as well. At some point with only around 100 pictures in my Gallery, i was at 96% storage of 16GB. I got myself an microSD card but i went to the mountain once, tried to make a video of me skiing and holding my phone, pretending to be a GoPro, and then the microSD got corrupted, probably because of the cold. The 4k videos were a good marketing strategy but practically unusable due to the sheer size of the videos. 1 minute of 4k video was around 500 MB. Also most of the features were off when you record/take shots in 4k.

I have to admit though. I have never removed the battery in order to “reset” my stuck S5. It never happened. I have to give it to them. The phone has far greater stability than its predecessors. Overall I rate my experience medium to awful. I had a great start but it all went downhill in the end. When the Galaxy S6 got out, so different from the current models, with the Edge version, I was so mad at Samsung that i didn’t even consider buying the S6. Actually I almost converted to Apple when the iPhone 6 came out. Beautiful piece of art. The design appealed to me and the copyrighted quickness of the apps which i missed so much in my Samsung. When the iPhone 6S came out, I actually tried buying one which eventually went to my girlfriend so I had the perfect opportunity to see if I can become an Apple fan like all my friends and see if the overall experience will pull me towards the iPhone. The iPhone 6S actually had some decent features I liked. The live pictures were catchy, the front camera had a sort of a flashlight. The live preview was also not a bad idea. However, there are 2 major factors that prevented me from buying an iPhone 6S for myself. I didn’t like the restrictiveness of the iOS and I didn’t like the coloring of the screen. I know it’s a Retina screen but the AMOLED display, even the one on my S5, gave me gorgeous pictures and colors. The iPhone seemed a bit blunt. Also, the iPhone 6 was now a couple of months out and people started talking about the iPhone 7. This made me feel that buying an iPhone6 is not really a good option several months short of the release of iPhone 7. On the other hand I desperately wanted to change my S5 so this is how I decided to give one last shot at Samsung so i went there and bought myself a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. You can read my review of here.


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